Collective Nouns
This site has a list of collective nouns. Why? They interest me. Have I missed one, then submit it here and claim it as yours.

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Rejected Collective NounNotes on RejectionReferencesSubmitted By
of 0
of 3gracylobo
of 0
of 0
of 0
of baboons0
of onlookers0
of Owlsalready got this one0Tony Thacker
of people0
of priestser no of priesthood maybe0Dennis McCarthy
of pui0
of pui0
of pui0
of pupil0
of smokesmoke0kadal
of stairs0ravisankar
of tools0
absence of professorsdon't really get that1David Walker
appreciation of musicnor really a collective though0Peter Shepherd
army of antshello0amira rsoebefjhrbg
bag of boobs0
belly of rumno no no0jimmyt1988
bevy of beauties0
bewilderment of husbandsvery sexist :)0Cybil Serpent
Birdsong of Tweets0Stuart Laing
bitchslap of hos0yonabout
Blessing of Unicornsalready got this one0steve Nash
bombardment of bassetsnot the bassets i know0Warrick Hayes
bonus of bankersalready added0Brian Baker
boof of hairmaybe mop not sure about boof from bouffant?0Desiree Horvath
Have I missed one, then submit it here and claim it as yours.
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